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Estates Programme

Transforming Lives from the Inside Out

We are passionate about helping our local estates become safe, caring, and fruitful places. We do this by supporting, encouraging and equipping people to become all they can be.

Our regular midweek groups have been developed and run by local volunteers, supported by our small but committed staff team - many of whom live on the estates.


A free after-school group for primary school aged children (4-11) who are most need in our local community. The children have fun playing games, being creative, enjoying healthy snacks and making new friends in a safe and positive environment. hopekids is also a place where our local volunteers train and serve.

Young People

A free after-school group for secondary school aged young people (11-16) who are most at risk in our local community. The young people get to be in a safe and supportive environment, sharing meals together and enjoy positive, fun activities. hopeyouth is also a place where our local volunteers train and serve.


Our families work further supports, equips and encourages those families most in need in our community through a series of group engagements, courses and trips. Alongside our team, local volunteers steer, are trained and serve at these groups. 


Through a variety of regular groups, events and trips, we bring much needed unity to the community and help people to recognise, appreciate and enjoy diversity. All of our activities are safe and positive and steered by local volunteers.

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